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This site is designed to provide you with a resource for certified wrestling scales used at the high school and college level of competition and tournaments. We hope you will think of this site as your wrestling scales home with lots of high quality products and informative buying guides relating to how to buy wrestling scales. No matter if you are a high school athletic director or a young wrestler just looking to maintain your weight in-between tournaments, you are sure to find good wrestling scales for sale.

Often when we purchase an item, whether it be a digital wresting scale or some other electronic product we like to do online research to make sure the product will perform at a certain level. Often an online review can help us make informed decisions. Hopefully the reviews of wrestling scales below will help you make an informed decision. If you need additional ideas, check out our top 5 things to consider when buying a wrestling scale.

The Befour PS-6600 SST scale is the first one that we'll take a look at. The scale comes with a new “Super Tuff” ST platform features one-piece cast aluminum construction that is lighter, stronger and more durable with safe rounded corners and a recessed, non-skid rubber mat. New “Plug & Weigh” cable system connects the platform to the console with a standard USB cable. Should the cable ever be damaged, replacement takes only minutes and can be easily done by the scale user. The PS-6600 ST is powered by either its internal rechargeable battery or through a wall outlet with its AC adapter. The powerful rechargeable NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries are environmentally-friendly and provide a long life with more weighings per charge. This scale can be taken anywhere and precisely weigh anything from 0 to 500 lbs. to within ± 0.1 lb. Convenient, repeatable, accurate, and rugged, the PS-6600 ST is everything a portable scale should be. The brand Befour is very popular in the wrestling scale business and their product is a top performer.


Next we'll take a look at the WS-230W portable scale with carry bag. The affordably priced WS-230W Remote Indicator Scale satisfies a variety of applications with a versatile design. This product is an ideal choice for high school or college team wrestling scales or keeping track of your weight at home, the WS-230W can meet your needs. The indicator can be placed on a tabletop or permanently mounted on a wall using the integrated adjustable bracket. The WS-230W portable wrestling team scale is durable enough to handle your application. One interesting fact about this scale that you really can't tell from looking at the picture is the scale platform is very heavy duty.


We are proud to offer the WS-100 scale. This scale was designed to be the perfect choice to replace the old mechanical scale you've seen in the past and is ideal for locker rooms and college or high school wrestling teams. The WS100 digital scale is built with materials usually found in more expensive industrial scales. It combines quality ISO manufacturing with sleek styling to produce a person weigher that is not only cosmetically pleasing but industrial tough. You will notice immediately that this is an industrial type scale. If your needs are accuracy and you do not need a super heavy weight capacity, this is the scale for you. The repeatability is unbeatable and this scale will offer years of continued usage. It can be used with or without a column, display is an easy-to-read LED and the scale can operate on AC power or rechargeable battery.


Rice Lake Weighing Systems supplies legal for trade portable fitness scales for many state wrestling tournaments. They’re very convenient to move and durable. Weight readings on different scales are important because in many regions if a wrestler does not make weight in his class he is allowed to step on all the scales present. If any one of the scales indicates a qualifying weight, that wrestler has made his weight class. Read more at this article. The Rice Lake portable fitness scale used at the wrestling tournaments is an NTEP Certified Legal-for-Trade scale that provides the highest possible accuracy. It has a 600 lb. capacity.


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