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As we all know when it comes to buying certified wrestling scales the price matters but the quality and performance matter too. Nobody wants to spend a few hundred dollars for a product just to have it fail within a year or two. Our goal is to provide products that last many years and provide accurate weights as well. We do realize that many of you are looking for scales that are going to sit in one place but there are quite a few customers that want their wrestling scales portable. As you browse through our site remember that we offer products from the top suppliers in the industry.

As technology advances and pressure for lower price products takes over the market, newer products take over the industry. Sometimes permanently, other times temporarily. You can still search and find a rare used wrestling scale or see the website that promotes used wrestling scales for sale but generally it's tough to find too many places that are offering those products. Wrestling weight scales are often used by young kids in junior high or high school to keep an eye on their body weight since that matters greatly to their weight class for wrestling tournaments. Wrestling weigh scales are normally only available as brand new items, it is very rare when we get in any used wrestling scales so keep that in mind. Plus, if you buy used often you have little or no warranty. As with most products in America, the majority of our scales are made in China or somewhere overseas so the idea that you're going to get usa wrestling scales can sometimes be a difficult challenge. However, there are a few USA products like the Cardinal Detecto 442 mechanical scale. But we just learned that the 442 has been discontinued so you would have to look at some of Cardinal Detecto's other models like the 339 or the 438 mechanical scales. As we've mentioned in the past, we used to carry a few tanita wrestling scales but we found the demand wasn't that high so we basically stopped offering those.

High school wrestling scales are really one of our specialities. We often have athletic directors or wrestling coaches contacting us looking for recommendations and placing orders. Sometimes they will ask for other wrestling supplies and sometimes they ask for wrestling scales review information which we can generally provide. It can be difficult to understand all the terminology that some folks use regarding these products. We've heard everything from official wrestling scales to certified wrestling scales. Often, the buyer really doesn't know what to call the scale. All they know is they need a scale to weigh their wrestlers on for the tournament weigh-in on Saturday at the gym. High school wrestling scales are not the only market for these products. We have some colleges that contact us too.

University and community college programs around the country also need electronic wrestling scales every now and then. They often contact us looking for wrestling scales for sale or they will email us and mention they are in the market for scales for wrestling. Of course that is exactly what we provide so we are happy to assist them with their purchase. Some folks ask from time to time, do you discount wrestling scales to the schools? The answer is yes we do. Pretty much all our products are discounted and don't forget we offer special coupon codes for even greater savings on certified digital wrestling scales.

Often we get asked about certified wrestling scales and the customer will ask a bunch of questions and the final conclusion is the buyer was looking for cheap wrestling scales. Basically, you need to do your homework and determine what are the key features you are going to be needing for your new scale. Do you need it to have a certain capacity? Does it need to be portable? Do you need battery power? Do you need a height rod? Do you need it to be NTEP legal for trade? All of these are questions that you need to discuss with your coaches, athletic department officials, and perhaps your sanctioning body to make sure you get the exact product you need. Because we want to provide you with only the best wrestling scales.



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